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Thaï teaching

Good introduction


Very inappropriate pictures.

Best I have ever tried ... and fun too.

My wife is Thai and after trying several "methods" of learning to speak and read Thai I have finally found the perfect app. She really enjoys me sharing my word/words of the day.


Some typos, but for the most part a very good app.

Well designed and intuitive

The app has a great design. Simple and easy to use. Will recommend to friends.

Pretty good for its kind

Let me just say that I have tried so many apps to learn Thai, but all require payment. This app was a nice relief from all that. Although its not the best, it will help you to learn many basic phrases in Thai, which is just what I needed. But if youre looking to fully learn the Thai language and alphabet, Id recommend going with Memrise.

Would be excellent, but...

The method and variety of learning both writing and speaking are very good. Where it fails is in numerous errors, where for example the spoken words in the study list DO NOT correspond to the written words :-(

Perfect...at least for me :-)

A good deal of Apps for learning Thai on AppStore not so many very good! This one, one of the most complete, a great deal of words in many fields, sounds and images of good quality, a real pleasure.

Usefull for beginners

Easy to start and learn basics

Do not buy! Sound is too low

I wont recommend you buying this app until they fix the sound

Lots of errors in this app

This app is nice and fun, but its full of errors. Not good when you learn a new language!

Very Good!

This app is very helpful for learning Thai vocabulary. It isnt like those apps that only teach "survival phrases," but it actually helps you learn using pictures and word games. I also like how it helps pronounce each word. The only thing that bothers me is that the full version is $4.

Best App

Seriously the best app there is and Ive used most ;-)

Pretty helpful

Not bad to learn then basic

Great App

Love the flash cards & Quiz, well done.

Ok but difficult to listen to

Wish words were typed with English characters to aide in pronunciation

This app is ok

Nice app, thanks


Very good

Simple and sweet

This is a great start. Thank you.

sound stopped


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