Learn Thai™ Відгуки

Well designed and intuitive

The app has a great design. Simple and easy to use. Will recommend to friends.


Some typos, but for the most part a very good app.

Best I have ever tried ... and fun too.

My wife is Thai and after trying several "methods" of learning to speak and read Thai I have finally found the perfect app. She really enjoys me sharing my word/words of the day.


Very inappropriate pictures.

A very good app for Thai

It is great for learning words and reading. I have found it useful.

Simple and sweet

This is a great start. Thank you.

Great and easy

Easy to use and fun to learn

Excellent app

I'm proud of using this app because I can communicate a bit batter among my friends


Good stuff :-)

Love the app

This app is great for anyone that wants to learn Thai, and the pronunciations are clear. This is why I rate it 5 stars because I want to learn Thai and it is so helpful! 🤗😋😅😆😃😄💩💩


Best app I've come across for Thai, just wish I could shut off the clapping sound effect after answering correctly. Highly recommend despite that.

Wonderful. Free. Absolutely stunning.

Wonderful app! It's free which is hard to believe and it provides necessary vocabulary for everyday life. Kudos to the creators! I'll be much more competent after mastering all the words available which are invaluable and provides everything you really need. 10 out of 5 stars!

iOS 5.1.1 / iPad2...

Does not work... The application will install, but will not launch on this old platform (although it is listed as compatible). Reinstall / reboot did not help.

I like it.

It gives you a lot of vocabulary and some simple phrases. I like this app because although it doesn't teach you "Thai" it teaches you the Vocabulary and pronunciation and such.. For those who speaks Cantonese, this App will make you laugh. (At least I had a great time with it x'D)


It's free and comprehensive. As someone else said, I can't believe an app this good is free


That was very helpful apps.It makes me more convenience during talk with thai.

Learn Thai is an Excellent App

I have had this app for two years and over looked it daily. Just recently, I opened it and come to realize the excellent and time placed in making this a very functional and educational app. I love it!

Fun way to learn Thai

Fun and program works well. And it is free!

Pretty good

Good: large vocabulary, pronunciation examples are clear and accurate. Needing improvement: app is a little slow. exiting and re entering takes you to the next screen. OK over all

Thank you

This program very good and easy to learn.

Great app

Great app so easy to use!! Highly recommend!!

nice app

really helpful app for learning Thai. two thumbs up. but need to be improved. some words have problems with word-sound matching.


So far, I am learning Thai easily through this app so I can learn basics for traveling. Recommended!

Just started

It's working so far...


Nice App! Works.


This are very help full for those who's use this web


Great app to learn Thai basic words!

So fun!

A great resource!



Needs an audio update

This seems like it would be a pretty good app IF the audio worked. This app has some kinks to work out. I'll give it another try if they update it with a fix for this issue.

Excellent app

I have many Thai language apps. This is a very nice learning tool, one of the best out there, but it needs a little polish. Sometimes the written answers don't match the correct verbal answer. Additionally in the spelling section the vowels and tone marks are impossible to differentiate between (at least on the IPhone 6). These are minor issues to an otherwise excellent app.

Very helpful

Very good app! I got this to help maintain my Thai since I now live in the states. Only complaint is sometimes the quiz answers aren't correct or it won't register any answer as correct.


I've never reviewed an app before, but this one blew me away! Very user friendly and you can learn on your own time.

Was a great app

Until I upgraded a version and now my audio won't work at all. Tried deleting and reinstalling, but no luck. I'm really disappointed cause I was really enjoying the app. Would've given it four stars (as someone else said, no verbs), but since it no longer works, three is all I can muster.

Great free app

We live in Thailand and I can speak conversational Thai, but this is adding to my vocabulary and helping the kids learn. Love that it is free!

A must for those learning Thai

Impressed. Can't believe it's free. My fiancé is Thai; I got him to look at the app with me so I could have his opinion... He said it's awesome, and that the phrases are very accurate and they don't sound really formal like some language-learning books do. Great job!

It is good for beginners

I would give five but it doesn't have verbs

Great way to study Thai!

So many study techniques available on this app and Just about every subject you can think of... I would definitely recommend this app!

Truly Amazing

This app makes learning a language fun. It's like a game. I like that you can choose to study just the written word, just listening, or both. I downloaded the app with the intention of learning to read a few words, and now I can listen to the words for colors, buildings, and food and know what is being said! Great app.

Really good app

Covers the bases and helps with pronunciation

Learning Thai is easy now.

Very helpful App!

Good app



Nice app


But a little limited and sometimes hard to hear. Potentially a good vocabulary builder.

Great little app

I used this app to brush up on my Thai. If you don't use it you lose it. This app allows me to remember both common words and others I don't use often and tend to forget. Thank you! Kob koon krup.ขอบคุณ

Great app

Great app for learning phrases in Thai, great games. What is need is a universal search button to look up any word you may need in a second. The app is a little buggy, but that does not effect in a bad way. If their is a in app purchase to upgrade the app I can not find it in the app. Also a tab for useful verbs should be added and the male/ female speech difference in the Thai language.

sound stopped


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